Live From The Moon Available For Viewing Free

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For a limited time (through July 24th), Live From the Moon is available for streaming on Vimeo free of charge. Simply use the password “APOLLO11” and you’ll receive access. Live From The Moon tells the incredible story of how television was returned from the Moon during the Apollo lunar voyages. From the first slow-scan Apollo 11 television to the full-color … Read More

50 Years of the Saturn V!

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Today marks the 50th anniversary of the launch of Apollo 4, the first Saturn V flight vehicle. To celebrate here’s all the Saturn V launches at once! Take a look at the shop for a special price on our Saturn V 3-DVD collection.

Our 15th Anniversary

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Today – February 1, marks the 15th anniversary of the day Spacecraft Films went live – February 1, 2002. Thank you for your support over the years in bringing the best in space exploration to you – long-form and unfiltered.

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